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Website Management

Easily transform your website into a  hub of content and  engagement for users.

Your website is more than a brochure. SailAMX turns your website in a hub for community, learning, marketing, and crafting member experiences like never before. Because everything is integrated (user accounts, member pricing, contextual content, learning customization, and more), and there's so much functionality for members, your website starts to feel more like a platform for success, and a "home" for the profession you represent.

SailAMX CMS editor view

Engage users by creating a striking online presence.

Present text, pictures, video, audio, and resources in beautiful ways that are search engine-friendly and look great across devices. There are ways to reveal your content online.

Create, manage, and promote products and events seamlessly.

Selling courses, events, and products is easy for staff to set up with customizable templates for marketing pages, automatic delivery of e-materials, and featured website placement.
SailAMX featured events block
SailAMX protected content for members only

Incentivize membership growth by limiting some content to members-only viewing.

For non-members, the “member-gated” content areas describe what’s available and give the call-to-action to join. The restricted content feature is even more nuanced by letting certain types of users access designated content.

Quickly locate and retrieve specific media assets whenever needed.

SailAMX has an integrated media library, providing a centralized location to store, organize, and utilize all types of media assets including images, videos, and documents.
SailAMX media library
SailAMX CMS website editor

Build a professional online presence and adapt to evolving needs.

SailAMX provides a user-friendly interface that enables easy content creation and supports the functionality needed for website users to utilize. Additional features include:
  • Predefined content pages and page blocks
  • Member directory
  • Resource & learning library
  • Universal site search
  • Blog
  • Custom forms with conditional logic
  • Surveys

Offering your organization, your staff, and your members more capability than ever.

Member & User Management
Making it easier than ever for professionals to join your association and giving you the data you need to serve them well.
Organization Management
Member organizations and firm admins will be able to do more with your association than ever with easy-to-use membership and course registration tools.
Website Management
Easily transform your website into a  hub of content and  engagement for users.
Our built-in customer relationship management tool makes it easy to keep track of member and potential member information and communications.
Marketing & Communications
Attract, retain, and foster strong relationships with your members by sending targeted messaging through built-in digital marketing tools.
E-Commerce Features
Buying things online is the norm these days. Make sure your members have no problems doing so at all.
Online Community Platform
Your member can ask questions, find answers, and engage in civilized online discussion about professional topics – available through online forum and email.
Continued Education Management
Your members and other customers can enjoy a seamless online learning experience – from registration to attendance to certification – all on SailAMX.
Accounting Support
SailAMX integrates accounting structures to save your staff time and energy.
Reporting & Analytics
Get a strategic view of every part of your member experience, membership, financials, registrations, and more
Event & Product Management
Making event and product pages easy to set up for your staff is an important piece offering the best experience to your members.
Private Event Fulfillment
Your members' organizations can host private in-person or online events and get the full experience, including event checkins and attendance verification.
Online Events & Learning
Host high-quality live streams, webcasts, webinars, and on-demand learning experiences on SailAMX.
System Features
It really is easy to move from legacy AMS tools to SailAMX.
Off-The-Shelf APIs
SailAMX works seamlessly with other leading tools and programs that serve associations and your members.